Menswear Designer christianMICHEAL


Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, menswear designer Christian Micheal Shuster found a love for art and fashion at a very young age. With very little schooling or training in the art of tailoring and garment construction, Christian has spent the past 5 years teaching himself and expanding his skill level on the cutting table and sewing machine.

Launching Phase One of the christianMICHEAL design label, owner and designer Christian M. Shuster released his first wholesale collection of men's neckties to retailers across Kansas City in June 2007. Building a strong retailer and customer base, the christianMICHEAL design label has quickly become one of the most recognized and respected design labels in Kansas City. Nominated for "Best Local Designer" in 2008 by KC Magazine, the christianMICHEAL name and design label have become synonymous with high quality and cutting edge menswear.

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