OFW Recap Part 3

Posted by Christian Shuster on Monday, March 26, 2012 Under: Omaha Fashion Week

Official after party for OFW was held at House of Loom and from the second I walked into the door I was greeted and shown to my reserved table and complimentary bottle of champagne, don’t drink champagne but the service was great and they made me feel special.  My whole team was in the house for the party and we threw down hard, was a great end to an awesome show and awesome event.  Spend most of the night shaking hands and collecting compliments which honestly does feel great and makes one feel appreciated.  Got some 1 on 1 time with Jerell from Project Runway and by the end of the night he had given me his business card and told me to “ Call him after the show, let’s work together”  We all had a great time and shut the night down in style, was the perfect end to an awesome day.  Now on to the important part – THANK YOU’S – Thank you to my whole team,  Models: Levi, Don, Justin, Buddy, Scott, Brandon, Brian, Alex, Zach, Jordan, Drake.  Hair: Tru Salon and Spa.  Make Up: Grace Designs and Aesthetics.  Shoes: DSW Omaha.  Photographer/Videographer: Jenny Wheat and her whole team.  PA’s Allie, Bella, Charlotte. OFW Producers: Nick and Brook Hudson along with all OFW Staff and interns.  MOST IMPOTANT my beautiful, supportive, and very pregnant wife.  I love you so much honey and none of this would be possible without you.  They really do it right in Omaha and I look forward to showing with OFW in 2013, what a show and what a night!!!!!!!!!!

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