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Posted by Christian Shuster on Monday, February 27, 2012 Under: Kansas City Fashion Week 2012

Well KC Fashion Week has come and gone, and what an event!!!!!!  My show was on the first night of shows Friday Nights Red Carpet Gala.  I showed my 2012 Fall/Winter Men's Wear collection with 10 looks on 10 models.  Friday night show also had collections by - BMDesigns, Haus Designs by Sierra Moses, Oblivion Clothing, OlaSTYLE, and Evil Pawn Jewelry with performances by Quixotic.  The day started with us checking into the Hotel at Harrah's Casino and going straight into rehearsal with my models.  Got everyone feeling good on the runway and then went straight into hair and make-up.  Doors opened to the public at 5:30pm and my show set with scheduled for next to last around 9:00 pm.  I still had last minute sewing and buttons to add so I was locked inside my hotel room putting finishing touches on last few looks.  Got everyone done and headed down to our staging room with all my models and support staff to start getting dressed 1 hr. prior to hitting the stage.  We got everyone dressed and ready to hit the runway, made our way backstage and got all lined up.  I was able to come out and introduce myself and my collection along with making a small speech and dedication of my collection to my wife and my unborn son..........LOVE U SO MUCH HONEY :)  Then it was time to hit the runway, the lights dropped, music started, and my first model was on stage!!!!!!!!!!  It's amazing that 8 months’ work of work, 400+ hrs. of sewing and, many hundreds of dollars in material lasts on 8 min. on the runway but so is the life and times of a fashion designer.  My last look walked and then all of us came out lead by me to collect applause for the final precession.  Off the stage and deep breathes all around as it was finally over.  I could not have been happier with the way the show turned out and have many people to thank for making this collection a reality.  #1 and most important my lovely and supportive wife.  #2. the entire team from KC Fashion Week and all the hard work that went into putting on a great show.  #3. my hair and makeup teams from Evolve Hair Salon and Lora Ness Artistry.  #4. my shoes and boots provider to all my models (WHO I DID NOT THANK ON STAGE :( ) ALDO SHOES on the Country Club Plaza KCMO.  #5. by backstage assistant Tammy Saum of SaumFrock #6. to all my models who killed it for me #7. to my photo and video team from Wheat Photography #8. all my family and friend who supported me by attending the show.    All in the entire event was a great success and highlighted some of the great talent we have here in KC and in the Mid-West.  I was a little surprised by how many loose threads, unfinished seams, and pins I noticed on the runway in some collections.............but I'm just overly critical bc of my own personal attention to detail in my collection.  I look forward to many more years of this event and think KC has done very well in putting together a professional and creditable show to build on for the future.  Again thank you to all involved and thank you to all members of my team, no on to OMAHA FASHION WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!

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